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phil - ART - hropy

the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially through the arts and generous donations to good causes.

Husband and wife team, Amanda and Craig Greiner, were in search of a means to combine their passion for philanthropy and their love of the arts. In 2015, the organization “be PhilARThropy” was born. Going beyond the mission of a conventional artist organization, “be PhilARThropy” is a 100% volunteer base, not-for profit organization, and strives to not only promote the arts but to also support charitable organizations through the arts. Seeking a way to promote their new organization, the Bynum Bridge Fest grew out of a community effort to secure a future for the much loved Bynum Bridge, and an event to launch the “be PhilARThropy” movement.


Applauded for the diversity and affordability of work, a great atmosphere and a beautiful venue full of friendly people, the Bynum Bridge Fest continues to grow each year. Located between Pittsboro and Chapel Hill, just off HWY 15-501, each year the festival has three key themes:




be PhilARThropy focuses on supporting local artists by providing an outlet to feature their work, but we also believe that support for arts begins with art education and includes contributions to society through the arts – ART GIVING BACK. Each year, the Bynum Bridge Fest features an Academic Art Exhibition showcasing both students and teachers from Chatham County high schools, offering both student art award as well as one award to boost the art program at an academic institution.


And what about ART GIVING BACK? This year we will once again be using our connection to the arts community to support the local organization Friends of the Lower Haw River State Natural Area. Through our partnership, we will raise funds at the event to support the conservation and enhancement of the Lower Haw River State Natural Area.

Support the Local Arts      Support a Local Charity      Support Arts in Education

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